Adventure athletes living out their dreams & inspiring the world to see them for their abilities, not their disabilities.

Josh Eckert

  • Inducted into the AFA Hall of Fame in 2021 after becoming the first Gravel Cyclist with an exceptionality to finish the 50k gravel race at Gravel Worlds.
  • Has completed every single Adventure For All program and helps pilot all new AFA programs for future participants.
  • Josh has become one of the first official Adventure Athletes and Advocates for Adventure For All.
  • Josh was hired in 2023 as an assistant adventure coach for AFA.
  • Josh has successfully helped coach 4 adventure athletes to ride a bike and finish their first gravel race.
  • Josh has a dream to help more individuals like him overcome their impossibility.
  • Josh is currently training to race at Sea Otter Classic, Unbound, and Gravel Worlds in 2023.

Riley Joyce

  • Inducted into the AFA Hall of Fame in 2022 after being voted the most resilient adventure athlete to graduate all three tiers of AFA's programs.
  • Riley learned how to independently ride a bike, kayak, hike a mountain, and zipline even though he was afraid of heights all within 8 months in 2021.
  • In 2022 Riley took his bike riding to the next level and trained for 10 months to ride 31 miles at the Big Sugar race in Bentonville, AR.
  • During Riley's training for Big Sugar he overcame a fall and a big setback with Covid. This didnt stop him from reaching his goal.
  • Riley will be working for AFA in our new office at the end of 2023 to help us continue to inspire athlete like him. When asked "What job do you want most?" he replied with "Work in an office with my friends".
  • Riley will be taking the 2023 year off from intense training to enjoy his new found skills and love for adventure with his family and friends.

Joey Baar

  • Inducted into the AFA Hall of Fame in 2022 after being voted the kindest and most encouraging adventure athlete.
  • Joey will be taking on our Gravel & Giving program (tier 3) in 2023 to complete his first ever bike race.
  • Voted one of the two official adventure athletes to represent Adventure For All's vision, values, and mission.
  • Hired in 2023 as an assistant adventure coach for AFA. He will be helping with our new Intro to Adventure Biking and Experience The Adirondacks.program.
  • Currently training for an epic adventure in 2024. This adventure will be annunced the end of 2023


Josh E.

Riley J.

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Sophia S.

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Mike F.

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Anthony R.


The continuation of our tier 1 adventure athletes will be announced in March. With our local adventure programs and the national tour of our Intro to Biking program we are hoping to introduce over 50 adventure athletes to the world of adventure and growth in 2023!

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Preston E.

Mason K.

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